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Ms C Breyley

contact us:

Burravoe Primary School
United Kingdom

Telephone Number:
01595 807088

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01595 807089

November 2010

Tuesday 30th November: Everyone was back today although not all the schools in Shetland could stay open because of the snow. We have been working with a school in New Zealand and they have asked us to learn a dance as part of their end of year concert. They asked us if we could skype with them for instructions but Shetland doesn't allow us to skype; we found a way around it by watching the video of them teaching a school in Canada that we also have contact with on video - true global learning!
Monday 29th November: There was a lot more snow over the weekend so today we had a snow day; everyone logged onto Glow and did their snowtasks - thanks to all the parents who helped with these!
Friday 26th November: We have had our first heavy fall of snow, some people were at school early today to make sure they made the most of it! Not everyone managed to get to school as the school taxi couldn't run but those pupils worked at home.
playing in snow playing in snow
This is the view from the playground looking across Yell Sound.
view from palyground
Wednesday 24th November: This morning Joy Duncan brought her drums to school so she could lead an African Drumming workshop for us. She told us a little about why she is so passionate about drumming and something about the drums. We learned an African song and some dance moves as well; it was a great morning! We are glad that some parents came and joined in too.
warm up for drumming getting a lesson on playing dunun drums learning some dance moves
Friday 18th November: Today is Children in Need day and everyone came to school wearing spots and/or freaky hair! We managed to raise £65. Thank you to everyone who donated money and thank you also to everyone who helped find the spots and do the hair!
everyone Children in Need faces
Wednesday 17th November: This afternoon Elsbeth Clark from NHS Shetland came again; this time she came to talk to us about being active as part of a balanced lifestyle. She reminded us that children need to be physically active for at least an hour a day if they are to stay fit and well.
activity timeline Elsbeth - being active
Monday 15th November: This afternoon we had a cheese tasting. There is now a Shetland cheesemaker so we tried some of his cheeses. Sooth Mooth was most people's favourite.
shetland wedgee We ate all of the Sooth Mooth - this is Shetland Wedgee - a soft Brie like cheese.
Thursday 11th November: This morning the Edinburgh group did some shopping and went to the National Gallery before catching the train back to Aberdeen to catch the ferry; this time we had a very smooth crossing that arrived on time. We are very proud of the way that they conducted themselves the whole time that we were away and of how well they represented our school and Shetland.
Back in Burravoe the felted pictures are finished.
felted pictures
felted picture of sheep
Wednesday 10th November: This morning the Edinburgh group went to the Scottish Parliament to have a tour of the building and to learn about what happnes there. Afterwards there was a question and answer with some MSPs; 2 of our group were brave enough to ask questions which was brilliant of them! Afterwards we met Tavish Scott who is Shetland's MSP.
Shetland group in Parliament Chamber
After the visit to Parliament we got a taxi and went to visit the Zoo; the penquin parade was one of the highlights.
penquin parade
In the evening we all went back to the Parliament Building for the Reception. The Cabinet Ministers for Education and for The Environment were there as well as a lot of other MSPs; there were representatives from lots of different organisations connected with crofting as well as pupils from other schools in Scotland taking part in the project and some of the crofters who have helped them. We put some of the work we had done on display and were also able to see pictures of us in a book about soils that was launched at the event.
at the reception
Back in Burravoe Mrs Underwood showed everyone a selection of woollen products and looked at how they were made eg knitting, crocheting or felting.
woollen products
Then she showed everyone how they could try some felting for themselves.
felting feltingfelting
Tuesday 9th November: The Edinburgh group eventually left the boat at 3pm and caught a train in Aberdeen which took us to Edinburgh. When we got to Waverley Station we were met by Pam Rodway from The Crofting Connections Project who had organised a minibus to take us to the Youth Hostel where we were staying. We went out to have a meal in an Italian Restaurant.
The children still in Burravoe went to Clickimin today to join in the Small Schools' Activity day; they had a great time and some did trampolining for the first time!
Monday 8th November: Today Mrs Underwood brought in her spinning wheel and showed the younger ones how it worked. She is doing work with the class this week about wool and wool products as part of our Crofting Connections project. Mrs Underwood is a crofter as well as a teacher.
spinning spinning with wheel
This morning the older ones went to Whiteness and Weisdale Hall to take part in the Love Music Festival. We saw some amazing musicians:
Jonny Axelsson, a percussionist from Sweden, The Creaking Tree String Quartet from Toronto, Canada, and Kolektifistanbul from Turkey. Click here to listen to some of their music.
Love Music Festival Love Music Festival
After the music some of us drove to Lerwick to meet up with the other 5 pupils and 3 teachers who were going to the Crofting Connections Parliamentary Reception and to catch the Northlink ferry to Aberdeen for the start of our journey to Edinburgh; unfortunately the weather wasn't too good so the boat didin't leave until midnight!
Thursday 4th November: Today we had our library session in the new library in Mid Yell JHS. Mr Lawson showed some of us around the new primary department and the nursery.
Wednesday 3rd November: Today we had 2 visitors; in the morning Clair came to paint the teeth of P1 and P2 and check that we are all still star toothbrushers (we are!).
In the afternoon Elpeth Clark, who works for NHS Shetland, came to talk to us about Healthy Eating - she came for lunch first so she could see at first hand what healthy lunches Elsie cooks for us.
After lunch she told us about which food groups all the different foods we eat belong to and how we can eat a balanced diet. We played some games to show we had been listening and learning.
Elspeth telling us about the eatwell plate where does our food come from?
Monday 1st November: This morning Garry Sandison came to take a school photo for us.
taking school photos
This afternoon we looked at postcards which St Clair's School, Dundedin, South Island New Zealand have sent us. They have made the cards to show us about their home town and are keen to know what our impressions are.
looking at pcs looking at pcs looking at pcstalking about pcs
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