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Burravoe Primary School
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May 2014

Friday 30th May: This morning P6 and P7 went to Mid Yell for the second Digital Commonwealth 2014 workshop. Today they learned how to vlog and then interviewed different people. P7 interviewed Glenn Colquhoun one of the Commonwealth Exchange poets who was visiting from New Zealand.
Thursday 29th May: This afternoon it was Yell Primary Sports Day; we were very lucky that the weather was sunny and not too windy. Everyone tried very hard in all their races and had a fun afternoon. Thanks to Mr Williamson and his S3 helpers and to all our supporters who came to cheer us on!

waiting for startP3 4 100mgirls sprintP 5 6 football throw P3 4 girls sprintP3 4 sack raceP3 4 sack raceP3 4 egg and spoonP3 4 egg and spoonP5 6 egg and spoonP5 6 sack raceP5 6 sack race


Wednesday 28th May: Today we were very pleased to host all of Yell's P7s for the third transition day. We had to have 2 sittings for lunch as our school nearly doubled in size for the day!

Thursday 22nd May: Today we planted our tatties, some carrots and some kohlrabi. When we were at Turriefield Croft we learned about some material you can get to protect some crops from the wind so we've bought some to try!
P6 and P7 went to Unst to take part in the Unst v Yell primary and secondary netball and football competition. Yell were very pleased to win all the sections this year!

protecting crofts
Tuesday 20th May: Today we went on a trip to Burra Isle to visit Shetland Sea Farms salmon farm shore station. Robbie Coutts weloced us and showed us some smolts and let us handle them. He showed us how they monitor the cages remotely and how they feed the salmon from the barge. You can see a video on the pupils' blog. We took Crunch, our visitor from Australia, with us so he can report back about life in Shetland when he goes back to his school.

Welcome smolts

handling smoltsCrunch with 5kg salmon

Everyone with Robbie

After we had been to the salmon farm we drove to Sandness; Sandness School were kind enough to let us use their facilities and their play equipment before we had lunch.

Sandness play areaSandness play area

We drove to the beach to have our packed lunch.
After lunch we went to to visit Transition Turriefield to see how they grow organic crops and to see if we could pick up any tips! We enjoyed seeing the animals too.
At the gatepiglets
clearing groundploughingcarrotsmeeting chickstomatoeschucks
After we left Sandness we drove to Brae to have tea at Frankie's.

Frankies in Frankies
Friday 16th May: This morning P7 and P6 went to Mid Yell to meet up with Yell's P6/7s and some S2s to take part in the first Digital Commonwealth 2014 workshop. The project is organised by University of West of Scotland and funded by the Big Lottery. The Yell cluster are representing Shetland in the project. Bryan Peterson from Shetland Arts led the workshop. The pupils worked together in groups to produce podcasts; they can be heard here.
Thursday 15th May: Today we received a very exciting parcel all the way from Tipperary Station School in Northern Territory, Australia! When we opened it we found Magnie had come home and brought a friend, Crunch, with him for a holiday. He had brough us lots of amazing letters and gifts!

parcel open

reading cardlooking at everything

all of us


Wednesday 14th May: This morning we went to visit The Salmon Hatchery - Jim Smith told us all about the salmon from when they are eggs until they are smolts. We are very grateful to Jim for letting us come and learn more about aquaculture for our Food for Thought Project. You can see a video on the children's blog.

salmon hatchery parr

outside tankslooking at hydrometer

Tuesday 13th May: This afternoon P3/4/5/6/7 went to Mid Yell to meet up with all the other schools who are working with Scottish Opera. The singing teacher from Scottish Opera came up to give us a singing lesson and to check we know all our words! In the evening we were invited to perform at Shetland ForWirds Dialect Concert in the Garrison Theatre in Lerwick. We were presented with the certificate that we won for having the best dialect entry in the Schools' Music Festival.
Monday 12th May: This morning we cooked our lunch again; this week we made cod and salmon fish pie.
fish piefish pie

fish pieeating fish pie

Friday 9th May: Today there were 2 articles about us in The Shetland Times; one was about our Scottish Book Trust stories and one was about our GetintoFilm club.
Thursday 8th May: This morning we had a fantastic trip to the mussel shed on Cullivoe pier. Christopher Thomason met us and showed us all the different stages the mussels go through as they are growing on the rope and then when they are harvested. We are very grateful to him for going to so much trouble for us! You can see a video on the children's blog.

rope with mussels different sizes mussels in icethe washing machine

the conveyor belt

Monday 5th May: This morning we were cooking our own lunch again; this time we made salmon fishcakes.

pre cooking the salmon making the fishcakes mashing the tattiesfishcakes

this week's saladeating!

Friday 2nd May: This morning P7 and P6 had their first lesson for Bikeability Level 2.
This afternoon we all went to The Old Haa to meet the people who are in Shetland for the UK Geoparks Conference. They had come to see the Inukshucks. We sang to them and helped serve them cakes. We looked at the new exhibition in the gallery whilst we were there.
Okki Tokki Unga visitors
in the galleryin the gallery








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