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May 2010

Monday 31st May: Today we noticed that our cereals have all germinated. We saw that the oats and the bere all look like grass but the buckwheat has red stems and rounder leaves. The Skerry Blue tatties are showing sprouts as well so that is all our tatties growing well now.
buckwhear seedlings
Thursday 27th May: Today all 3 teams presented their 2DIY games to the rest of the class and afterwards we had a secret ballot to decide which game should represent Burravoe School in the competition. The vote was very close so we had to have a second round of votes. These are the 2 games that aren't going forward to the competition but they are well worth publishing. Every group did a very good presentation as well and we were particularly proud of the younger groups' presentations!

Wednesday 26th May: This morning we watched the bbc/Scottish Book Trust meet an author event with Julia Donaldson; this afternoon the younger ones made models of characters from some of her books.
making models finished models
Tuesday 25th May: This morning Mrs Pam Rodway, project manager for the Crofting Connections project came to visit us to see how we are getting on. She really liked what she saw and said we were an asset to the project which was nice to hear!
We all walked down to The Old Haa so that we could see Mid Yell's exhibition in the gallery.
Monday 24th May: This morning the weather was fine so we spent some time in the garden; the older ones hoed their veg patch and planted out some of their seedlings and the younger ones earthed up the tatties and planted some flowers.
hoeing veg patch earthing up tatties veg plot
Ryan has seeded his park but there have been lots of pigeons eating the seed so he has put up a scarecrow - it doesn't seem to have made much difference!
This afternoon we counted our Tesco vouchers - we have 541 - thank you very much to everyone who sent some in to school. We haven't decided yet what to swap them for.
Friday 21st May: We are entering the Shetland enterprise competition for a 2DIY game. We have to work in teams. Today we had another planning session and began making the games we had designed.
game planning
Thursday 20th May: Today Linda came to do our last cycling session. She presented certificates to P5 and P6 who have completed their cycle training and then she took the younger pupils for a cycle safety session.

cycling certificates presented

younger cyclists younger cyclists

Wednesday 19th May: This week is Walk to School Week in the UK. Some of us can't walk to school so we marked the week by going for a long walk this morning. Before we went we discussed why walking is so good for us and why we should try to walk or cycle if we can. Whilst we were on our walk we saw seals, shalders, tirricks, gulls and crows as well as lots of rabbits. On the way back we used Jennifer's sheep shedder to do some data sorting! We were lucky because the weather was beautiful.
walking along the headland with Yell Sound behind

spot the seals Can you see the seals?

Link to video clip: Data handling: Hat or not hat

After lunch the older ones collected compost from our bin to earth up their tatties then they planted some pea seedlings and some cauliflowers and organised the veggie bed for the seedlings that are ready to go in.
opening up compost bin
Tuesday 18th May: This morning P4, P5 and P6 went to the Leisure Centre in Mid Yell for the first joint workshop with the other North Isles schools for Fever, the work we are doing with Scottish Opera; unfortunately the singing teacher from Scottish Opera didn't make it as his plane couldn't fly because of the volcanic ash cloud. Mrs Johnson and Mrs Martin did a great job in his place and everyone sang really well!
some of singers in leisure centre
Whilst the older ones were at Mid Yell, the younger ones were measuring out and marking the seed bed for our cereals. We have 4 sorts of seeds so they had to make sure they had divided the bed into 1/4s.
measuring seed bed measuring seedbed
When everyone was back in school we planted the seeds; they are bere, buckwheat, murkle oat and small oat.
planting cereal seeds planting seeds
When we had finished we went next door to Mary and Magnie's croft to see what Mary was doing in her garden; she was getting it ready to plant tatties and neeps and said that we had planted our bed in good conditions. Her patch is a bit bigger than ours!

talking to Mary

Monday 17th May: This morning we used our new grain mill to grind some wheat to make flour. Whilst the peerie ones were having their turn the older ones went to harvest the last of the carrots; they managed to get 500 grms of ones that were OK to eat and sold them to Elsie to use in our school dinner. The tiny carrots got given to Mia for her rabbits! After lunch everyone baked bread with the flour they had ground.

making breadbread rolls

weighing wheat starting to grind the wheatflour
harvesting carrots harvesting carrots
Sunday 16th May: Today Ryan was using the harrow on his park.

Ryan using harrow
Friday 14th May: The weather was nice again today so we hope that the soil will warm up enough for us to do more outside planting next week. We raked the veggie bed and the new cereal bed so they will be ready!
raking veg bed raking cereal bed
Magnie, who owns the croft next to the school, starting ploughing his in by park today.

Magnie ploughing

Thursday 13th May: Today we learned about cereals and some of the things you can do with them when they are harvested.
In the afternoon when we were all at PE and Margaret was cleaning for us, she noticed that Ryan was ploughing his field so she took photos for us.
Ryan ploughing
Wednesday 12th May: There are some archaeologists working in Burravoe this week; they are looking for evidence of Hanseatic trading. It was a lovely afternoon so we thought we would go and see what they were doing; unfortunately by the time we got to the site they had moved on but we had a lovely walk anyway. When we got to the Marina we could see they were in the old chapel at the end of the voe.
at the marina archaeologists at old chapel behind marina
Tuesday 11th May: Mrs Underwood brought in some pictures of her hens for us today; she sells her eggs to Elsie for our school dinners.
Mrs Underwoods hen Mrs Underwoods hens
Monday 10th May: We are thinking about ways to keep healthy this term as it links with the work we doing with Scottish Opera around the opera, Fever. Today P1- P4 reminded themselves how to wash their hands thoroughly and then designed posters to make sure everyone knows how important it is too.
This is Elouise's poster
Friday 7th May: Today the Virtual Veggies group took some pictures of their seeds; they are doing well but it is still too cold to put them in the ground.
pea seedlings veggie seedlings

Thursday 6th May: Today is the General Election. We had a mini election this morning and then this afternoon we went to the polling station in Mid Yell Hall to see what happens inside. Will John and Billy showed us how they give people their voting papers and where people have to vote. Billy made us a voting paper so we could go in the booth and put our cross. Thanks to them both for making us welcome and showing us what people do in a polling station.
polling station Mid Yell
Monday 3rd May: Over the weekend Ian made some changes to our playground. He laid paving slabs at the gate so we don't need to do a sharp corner on our bikes when we came to school. Ian also dug a bed at the back of the school for when we plant our cereal plants for Crofting Connections. We have also got some new compost bins.
new path cereal bednew compost bins
As part of our Crofting Connections project we are keeping an eye on the work the crofters near to school are doing. Today, Ryan who has a croft opposite the school, spread slurry on his park.

Ryan slurry spreading

Mary, who has the croft next to school, has started lambing; these are some of her first lambs; they have coloured "collars" around their necks so she can tell to which ewe they belong.
Marys lambs Marys sheep and lambs
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