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Burravoe Primary School
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May 2009

Thursday 28th May: Today P5 and some of P7 went to Lerwick to represent Yell Schools in the Schools' Football and Netball tournaments.
Monday 25th May:Today we had an email from Volker, one of the whale watchers, with some pictures that they have taken near Burravoe in the last few days. One is of Little Ossa; Kay named this whale in a competition last year.
Little Ossa
Friday 22nd May: Norman Leask from the Shetland Cattle Herd Book Society and Malcolm Younger, the photographer, came this morning to take pictures of us with our entries for the Herd Book Society's centenary art competition. Malcolm took a picture of the P1s as well. They both had a turn on the zipline whilst they were here - we think some of those photos might get published too!
visitors with zipline
After our visitors left P4 and P5 worked on their 2DIY games - here are 2 for you to try - you need to use the arrow keys.
P4 working on the design of their games
Thursday 21st May: This week is Walk to School Week; some of us can't walk to school because we live too far away so today we all went for a walk in Burravoe to mark the week. We went down to The Old Haa to try out the new "Old Haa Book O' Fun" that P7 have been working on before they finally publish it.
P7 working on the guideP7 working on the new Guide

Wednesday 20th May: Today we all went to Lerwick to go to the Science Fair. We had a very early start as we left school at 7.50am! We were a bit worried as when we got to the ferry it broke down but the ferrymen let us on the other ferry and we got to the Fair just in time for the start. We went in 3 groups and all went to 3 different workshops. Everyone enjoyed the animal handling session which was run by Edinburgh Zoo; most of us liked Albie, the pet rat best.
Albie the pet rat toad
Some of us went to electronics, how to be a scientist and Scifun.
Scifun Scifun Electronics

how to be a scientisthow to be a scientistP4 snake handlingat marine life

Monday 18th May: This morning we planted some seeds and tatties in our vegetable bed. We also have some seeds which we have started off in the classroom.
planting seeds planting seeds
Thursday 14th May: This morning Jennifer took P7 to the Clickimmin Centre in Lerwick to join in with the Choices for Life event. Please click the link to see what the event is about. They saw the Macdonald Brothers and Bandito. There were different prizes awarded and P7 were very excited to win £200 for the school - they are thinking about how we should spend it!
P7 receiving prize from Macdonald Brothers
Wednesday 13th May: We have been asked by SQA if we would like to work in a pilot project about collaboration using wikis and blogs. We have been paired with Orphir Community School in Orkney. Planning with staff will take place this term and the work with both groups of pupils will take place in September and October of the next school year. We look forward to what we hope will be an exciting opportunity for us.
Tuesday 12th May: Today we had a visit from Andy, Volker and Nicola from Aberdeen University. They are staying in Burravoe until Mid July watching the killer whales that come to Shetland in the summer. Burravoe is a good base for them as the whales are often seen in Yell Sound and Bluemull Sound. They showed us how to identify different whales in a group by their fins and by the scarring they may have. Volker showed us his recording equipment and let us hear some of the sounds which different groups of whales make. Some of us had a go at making and listening to whalelike sounds using the hydrophone. They brought their boat to show us and we learned how it has been adapted for them to use. After lunch we were allowed into the boat and then asked lots of really good questions. Thanks to them all for coming and giving us so much of their time and for such an interesting day. If you see a whale in Shetland please will you ring 07500 380524 to let the team know.
collage of work with whale watchers
Monday 11th May: Today everyone went out on The Swan. P1, P2 and P3 went out in the morning and then the older ones went out for a longer sail and took their lunches with them. The weather was fantastic and they were able to sail up to Mid Yell. Thanks to all the crew for such a great trip!
P 1, P2 and P3 on the quay coming into the pier on The Swanon The Swan

on The Swanlearning how to tie knots

Saturday 7th May: This morning Jennifer and P7 came back from Edinburgh. These are just a few of the photos from their trip.
At Wallace MonumentEveryone from the North Isles schools at Edinburgh Castle in the Scottish Parliament building with Tavish Scott our MSPat Ratho climbing centre Edinburgh from The Castle
Wednesday 6th May: This morning we went for a walk to look at the young farm animals that are around and about us. We are doing a project about food and farming and wanted to see what is just next door. The Shetland pony in the field opposite us had a foal a few days ago. We also saw some Shetland sheep with lambs, some chickens and some kye. It was sunny but very windy!
Shetland foal with mare twin lambs

chooks sheltering from the wind!kye

We also planted some more vegetable seeds and potted on some neep seedlings.
planting seeds
Tuesday 5th May: Our compost bin is 3 years old so we decided to open the bottom and see if we had any compost. When we looked there was beautiful compost and lots of worms! We have put some on the vegetable plot.
compost bin children taking compost
Monday 4th May: This week Hazel is being our classroom assistant and Marina is being our playground supervisor - we are lucky that everyone can turn their hands to anything! This morning we had a look at the seeds we planted last week - some of the sunflowers and all of the broccoli seeds have germinated.
Sunday 3rd May: P7 and Jennifer went to Edinburgh today with the North Isles School trip - we hope they had a good crossing! They have gone for a week.
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