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Contact Information

Ms C Breyley

contact us:

Burravoe Primary School
United Kingdom

Telephone Number:
01595 807088

Fax Number:
01595 807089

June 2010

NB: From Monday 21st June 2010 we will have a new phone number: 01595 807088

Wednesday June 30th: This evening we had our Open Evening for parents, family and friends. We sang some Julia Donaldson songs and some people played Ghostbusters on instruments. We showed people our animations and powerpoint slideshows of some of the different things we have done this year. We gave out certificates and cups before we had refreshments. The boys won the music cups.
playing ghostbusters julia donaldson songs
Tuesday June 29th:Today we had a presentation through Glow with Lorna from the Glow team because we won the bendy glowing keyboard for our "I Love Glow Because...." video. This afternoon was Marina's last day as our knitting instructor because in Shetland there are to be no more knitting instructors. The children say thanks to Marina for being our knitting instructor; goodbye!
Monday June 28th: First thing this morning we went down to the Old Haa as the exhibition that some of our geology work links to was being put up. We took down some photos of us involved with workshops and decided how to display them.
After piece we went along to Mary and Magnie's croft where Mary has given us a space in her yard to plant some Shetland kale. Everybody has some plants to watch grow and she showed us all how to plant them using her planter. We took the chance to see how her other vegetables are growing. We also saw some Shetland bumble bees which P6 managed to photgraph.
planting kale in Marys yard planting kale in Marys yardplanting kale in Marys yardShetland bumble bee
Friday June 25th: This morning Mrs Lewis came into school to tell us about The Mission to Seafarers.
Thursday June 24th: This morning P5 and P5 had a Glow Meet with Brian McLaren from Learning and Teaching Scotland and 3 of the other schools who have been involved with using Mario Kart in the classroom. They were able to tell the others about the work they have done using the scores data they have collected to make spreadsheets.
Wednesday June 23rd: This morning we went down to the Old Haa to meet Mike McDonnel and to see the first of the full size Inukshuks which has been put in the garden.
having photo taken by Inukshuk
Tuesday June 22nd: This morning P5 and P6 joined in a Glowmeet, alongside over 170 other Scottish schools, with Steven Moffat, the chief writer of Dr Who. Steven answered questions about Dr Who and about being a writer. He passed on lots of great tips about writing and emphasised that good writing needs hard work! Neil and Dave from the Shetland Times came at lunchtime.
Monday June 21st: Today our new IT system was up and running and we all had to log in with our new usernames and make new passwords. We had a few snags but Caron, our ICT technician, stayed with us all day to make sure we managed OK and to sort out any problems.
Friday June 18th: Today we had our IT systems upgraded. We have a new server and some new laptops; we also have new IP phones.

Thursday June 17th: Today was Hazel's last day; she is our playground supervisor and she has worked at the school for a long time. We are very sorry that she is leaving and we will all miss her. Everyone made a card for her.

Hazel with all children
Wednesday June 16th: Today we went to a workshop run by the Edinburgh Zoo education team. They showed us snakes, African snails, hissing cockroaches and 2 rats. They told us about all the creatures and where they live and let us handle some of them.
Tuesday June 15th: Today we had a Glowmeet with Crossroads Primary School in Grange which is near Keith in Moray. They have been doing a project about island life. We asked each other questions and discovered we had lots in common as well as there being some differences in where we live. We had a look on Google Earth to see where their school is and had a look at their website before we had the Glowmeet.
Monday June 14th: Today everyone had to be up early so we could catch the 8:15am ferry from Ulsta. We had a day connected with our Crofting Connections project. We went to the Burland Croft Trail on Trondra where Mary Isbister told us about all the animals she has and about some of the crops and vegetables they grow. She also showed us the water mill they have restored where they can grind their oats and barley. We were able to feed a lot of the animals.

pony and lambs
We went to Meal Beach to have our lunch; we had time to play on the beach and on the dunes.
on Meal beach
In the afternoon we went to Jamieson and Smith, the wool brokers in Lerwick. Oliver Henry showed us how the fleeces arrive there and how they are sorted and graded. He showed us the different grades of wool and then showed us the coloured fleeces from Shetland sheep; he explained that they are getting very rare now. He was passionate about how we must try and keep all the Shetland sheep and how important it is that they market the wool carefully so that lots of people want Shetland wool from Shetland and not from other parts of the world. He showed us the carpets which they can make from the wool that is too rough for jumpers and told us how it is important to find new ways to use all of the fleece. He gave us lots of resources to use back at school and we are very grateful to Oliver and the staff for making us so welcome and giving us so much information.

Oliver showing us fleeces
Thursday June 10th: Today we all went to Unst for the day. P4/5/6 went to the Unst Leisure Centre for a day with Scottish Opera; they worked incredibly hard all day doing workshops in the morning and then a dress rehearsal and performance in the afternoon. The younger ones, some Mums and a Granny went with Jennifer and Mrs Underwood to the Boat Haven, the Heritage Centre and the playpark before coming to watch the performance of Fever in the afternoon. A great day was had by all. We are lucky that YMI, through the Scottish Arts Council, funded the work with Scottish Opera.
scottish arts logo
Fever Collage
Boathaven cafeBaltasound playpark
BoathavenBoathavenpotter in Heritage Centre

Haroldswick playparkP1 2 3 Unst Trip 0610

Wednesday June 9th: This morning we did a Glow meet with Generation Science - it was about honey bees and how important they are in pollinating many of our plants. We don't have honey bees in Yell but we are going to try and photograph a Shetland bee to put in the Glow group for others to see. Chris Else and Mike Kapusniak from Foula School came for lunch and for the afternoon. Robina Barton came to do a geology workshop with us in the afternoon. She was telling us all about Yell rocks and how they were formed. We are going to record "stories" for the rocks for visitors to the Old Haa to listen to when they visit the geology exhibition there.
describing the rocks describing rocksRobina Barton
Tuesday June 8th: We have had a long week-end; yesterday there was a lot of rain but it was quite warm so lots of plants seem to have had a bit of a growth spurt. Our heritage tatties have all grown more leaves whilst we were on holiday. We earthed them up some more after we had taken photos for our diaries.
champion sefton wonder shetland blackskerry bluewitchill
Our cereal crops have grown as well.
murkle oats bere
Thursday June 3rd: Today was Yell Sports Day at Mid Yell. It was an early afternoon start so we went to the playpark and had a picnic first. There were some races and other events. Peanuts had organised some Puffin activities to celebrate Puffin Publishing's birthday; Helen from the RSPB had also come to talk about the puffins and other birds found in Shetland. She showed us the webcam at Sumburgh which is inside a puffin burrow.
Everybody tried hard at the events and we were proud of what they did.

getting ready for tattie and spoon racelong jumpspeed bouncespeed bounce

Wednesday June 2nd: When we did art this afternoon everyone was allowed to choose what they wanted to do - there were some great ideas.
making a basket art table art tableolder ones doing own art activities
Tuesday June 1st: This morning P4, P5 and P6 went to Mid Yell for a singing workshop ready for the performance of Fever which will be next week in Unst.
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