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Ms C Breyley

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Burravoe Primary School
United Kingdom

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01595 807088

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01595 807089

June 2009

Tuesday 30th June: Today artists Jim Thomason and Paul Bloomer came for the day as part of the Veernorth "Crossing the Water" project. Frances Browne, Shetland Schools' Service cultural co-ordinator came as well as she wanted to share in something she had helped organise! We had a great day working with charcoal and then with bright acrylic colours. We were pleased that some parents came to join in too.
charcoal portraits you are meant to draw on the paper!P1P1painting about Yell with Jim Thomasonpainting
Monday 29th June: This evening we had our school concert. Everyone worked very hard and did their best - it was a really hot night! Miss Dobson decided who won the music cups. Everyone enjoyed the dialect songs and Burravoe's Got Talent was a big hit too! Thanks to everyone who came.
music cup winners peerie ones with Miss Dobson everyone singing
Everyone singing the Trowie Song
Thursday 25th June: Today we went to Mid Yell Hall for a storytelling workshop with Bob Pegg, Tom Muir and musician Bill Taylor. Afterwards we went and had a picnic in the playpark.
storytelling workshop

playpark playpark

Wednesday 24th June: P7 were at Mid Yell JHS again today. It was such a lovely day that the rest of us went for a walk in the afternoon. We walked to the marina and then around the Manor House and back to school. We tried to identify some of the wild flowers which are looking so beautiful at the moment.
at Marina in the grass by Manor House by Manor House
Tuesday 23rd June: TodayP7 were at Mid Yell JHS for a transition day. The Virtual Veggies team did a bit of weeding of the veg patch today; the broccoli is coming on well we think.
Monday 22nd June: Today we had an email from the whale watchers with some amazing new photos which they took last Friday. There is one of whales in front of Skibhoul, a house in Burravoe and one taken near Burravoe of a seal just escaping from the whales.
whales in front of Skibhoul seal escaping whales
Friday 19th June: Today all the Yell P7s came for the day to work on their Guitar Hero Project. P1 -P5 spent some of the afternoon working on drawings to enter Cullivoe's "Party at Da Pier" art competition.

P1-P5 art P4 P5 drawing ship

P7 Cutie MootiesKidz Aloud

Devil RockersThe Rockers

Thursday 18th June: Today we were pleased to host the Primary Headteachers' Meeting.
Tuesday 16th June: Linda came this morning to give a golf lesson to P5 and P7. She came back in the afternoon to do cycling club.
Monday 15th June: Today Ms Breyley went to Glasgow for the first meeting at SQA about "Future Models of Assessment". SQA are redesigning some of the assessments for Scottish Education and we have been asked to take part in the project.
Friday 12th June: Today we heard who won the rosettes from the Shetland Herd Book Society for our kye paintings.
prize winners
Wednesday 10th June: This week, as part of our Food and Farming project, we have been learning about growing wheat and turning it into flour. Today we made bread for ourselves.
making bread dough preparing the dough kneading dough

kneading doughfinal results

Friday 5th June: Today Lisa Salyer, an American film maker based in Paris, came to film us for the documentary she is making about Shetland's links with Tamil Nadu. She filmed us eating our lunch, working at our project, looking at the scrapbook we have from Tamil Nadu and Marina teaching some of us knitting.
Wednesday 3rd June: Today 2 of our P7s went to Baltasound School on Unst to play in the Unst v Yell football and netball games. The Yell primary football team won their game and Unst won the netball. They both had a good time.
Tuesday 2nd June: Today was the first day back after the long weekend. We had had untidy visitors in the playpark at the weekend so P4 and P5 started with a litter pick.
picking up bruck picking up cans
Whilst they were doing that P1, P2 and P3 watered the pots and planted out some vegetable seedlings with Jennifer. Then the older ones came and deadheaded the daffodils.
planting out seedlings deadheading daffodils
P7 walked down to the Old Haa to take their completed Children's Guide to the Old Haa to give to Nita ready for the summer visitors.
P7 outside the Old Haa
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