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Contact Information

Ms C Breyley

contact us:

Burravoe Primary School
United Kingdom

Telephone Number:
01595 807088

Fax Number:
01595 807089

February 2012

Tuesday 29th February: Today we joined in with the 29thFeb blog; its just open for one day for people all over the world to share what they are doing on our "extra" day. We had a visit from Bruce Eunson this morning; he came to talk about Shetland dialect so P1-P3 added 29 Shetland wirds as their post and P7 added 29 things about Yell as theirs.

Bruce Eunson visitBruce Eunson dialect visit

Bruce Eunson visit


Thursday 23rd February: This morning the Cullivoe Jarl Squad came to visit us; they presented us with a beautiful shield to commemorate their visit. They brought their own band and sang to us!

The Jarl Squad


Tuesday 21st February: Today we finished all the shields and the Jarl came to collect them ready to put on his galley.

Friday 17th February: Cullivoe Jarl squad have asked us to design and paint shields to go on their galley at Up Helly Aa. Today we started painting them; they have to be black, silver and teal which are the Jarl's colours.
painting shields painting shields painting shieldspainting shields
Tuesday 14th February: Today we were able to present a certificate for the Glovember competition.
certificate presentation
Friday 10th February: This morning we joined in with the Glovember story competition Glowmeet when they announced the winners. We were really pleased when they announced the short list for the youngest group because our P1 was on the list! The author Lari Don read extracts from all the shortlisted poems and stories and said that they will all be published on an ebook on Glow. All the Burravoe bairns worked very hard on the stories they entered and the judges said how high the standard of entries was so we are very proud of them all!

Lari Don reading stories hearing that P1 had been shortlisted

Tuesday 7th February: Today is Safer Internet Day so we reminded ourselves about the dos and don'ts when we are using the internet. We used resources from thinkuknow ; there are lots of resources for parents/carers to see and use here to help ensure their children stay safe.
Friday 3rd February: We have been collecting old plastic bottles to re-use as bird feeders. This afternoon we worked in pairs to make them. We put 2 out and kept the others to replace them when they get damaged by the wind which we know might happen!
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