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Ms C Breyley

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Burravoe Primary School
United Kingdom

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01595 807088

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August 2015

Monday 31st August: Today we went on a school trip. We went to Gossabrough to see The Haa where John Robertson the mapmaker was born. We are learning about him before an exhibition of his maps of Jamaica comes to the Shetland Museum. The house is a ruin now.

Gossabrough Haa looking into the kitchen
We then drove through Cullivoe to get to Gloup where we went to look at the Gloup memorial; this commemorates a fishing disaster that happened in 1871. We are learning about that and Da Haaf.

at memoriallooking down to where boats left from
with voe behind children

We went and wrote our notes about Gloup before we had our picnic outside Cullivoe School.

writing our notes

We played in Cullivoe playpark


After lunch Alec and James at Breckon were kind enough to show us around and let us look at their animals.
James showed us how to count teeth to find out a sheeps agethe dogsin the byreShetland kale for the cattle in wintersome of the cattleRosie the bull

Friday 28th August: At lunchtime today, David, our neighbour, came round because they had just found a hawkmoth in their park and thought we would be interested to see it! We could see how well camouflaged it was against the wall.


This afternoon we were very pleased when letters arrived from Shetland Library for 2 of our pupils telling them that they have been commended for their entries into the Young Writers' Competition! They both had lovely comments from the judges.
Thursday 27th August: This morning we went for a walk to the Marina to have a look at the different modern boats there are down there so we could compare them with some of the old fishing boats we are learning about this term. Whilst we were there John pulled up a creel so we could have a look to see what had been caught. There were 3 lobsters and a lot of crabs!
Joes boatElsie M
Roberts boatworkboat
lobster creelcreel

Tuesday 25th August: Today we pulled up some of our cauliflowers because the hearts looked ready to eat. We haven't had a very good crop this year either from the ones we grew from seed or the little plants we put in. We pulled up a white beetroot and some salad leaves as well. Elsie prepared the beetroot so we could have it for lunch - although it was white it tasted just like a red one!



Monday 24th August: This morning P1/2/3 were learning outside with the farm.
learning outside with farmlearning outside with farm

Friday 21st August: Last term we thought it would be good to have a den in the school grounds. Over the summer we have bought a tarpaulin and some fence posts to make it. We decided to open up the tarp this afternoon to check how big it is. It was sunny but quite windy; we had fun making sure it didn't blow away!
In the afternoon we dug up the first of our tatties to see what they were like - we think we may have a reasonable crop.

the new tarp

Thursday 20th August: This afternoon we went to Mid Yell for PE; the older ones went swimming. This year we will have a new librarian: Karen Malone; she will start in a few weeks.
Wednesday 19th August: Today was the first day of the session for everyone. We took a picture of everyone by the zipline.

everyone of first day
This afternoon we went down to the Old Haa to have a look at Matthew Ronald's exhibition and to go into the garden.

Old Haa exhibitionOld Haa exhibitionOld Haa gardenOld Haa garden

Welcome to the new session!
The garden is doing better now there has been a bit of sun. We have some peas and broad beans and the poppies are looking beautiful!
front bed in garden

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