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Ms C Breyley

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Burravoe Primary School
United Kingdom

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01595 807088

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01595 807089

April 2011

Friday 29th April: This afternoon we did the first part of the 2nd walk we are doing for our walks leaflet. We saw Jennifer's ewe's triplets which had been born about 3 hours before we saw them.
Thursday 28th April: Today P6 and P7 went to Urafirth Primary School to see the Baldy Bane Theatre Companys presentation about keeping safe on the roads. they gave them lots of ideas about how to stand up to negative peer pressure. We took Stripe with us so he could learn about different areas of Shetland. Mrs Missendenden the Headteacher welcomed us and showed us around the school. Afterwards we played with the pupils from the school in the play area - like us they have the community play area within their school grounds.

At Urafirth School play areaBaldy Bane
Afterwards we went to Braewick Cafe for lunch and then went on to look at the rocks at Eshaness which we had learned about in our geology project earlier this year. We went to look at Stevenson's lighthouse and then went to the Tangwick Haa on our way home. Our last stop was at Mavis Grind where you can see the Atlantic Ocean and the North Sea.
Eshaness Head lighthouse Tangwick HaaMavis Grind
Wednesday 27th April: today we hosted the P7 transition day and were pleased to welcome the P7s from Cullivoe and Mid Yell Schools. They worked in their 2 teams on the Mario Kart project. This week they worked on creating an animation based on their Mario Kart characters.
Dry Igiuls Dry Igiuls Rainbow ToadsRainbow Toads
Monday 25th April: This morning Frances Browne came to do an artists workshop for us as part of our follow up work from our visit to Bonhoga.

Frances Browne


Frances had decided that we would look at scale and how if things are bigger or smaller than we expect it can make us look more carefully at them. She had made us a large structure which we decorated together with our individual work. We followed the theme of weaving with recycled materials.
individual work individual work individual workindividual work
finished work finished work finished work
Friday 22nd April: Today Mr Spence came to visit for the day so he could see how we learn. We did some Spring/Easter art today - we chose how we could use some chicks in out work - there were some great ideas!

Easter art
Wednesday 20th April: This morning we went to see the Lois Walpole exhibition at Bonhoga Gallery. Lois is a world reknowned basketmaker who spends some of each year at her house in Yell. She re-uses and recycles materials for all of her work. We had spent some time exploring the techniques she uses before we went.

Lois Walpole exhibitionLois Walpole exhibition

Lois Walpole exhibitionStripe enjoying exhibition

Stripe at the exhibition

When we left the gallery we went to Aith to visit Michael's Wood. We had a picnic there and then explored the different paths - there are lots of surprises to see there and we enjoyed seeing all the signs of Spring. We took Stripe with us for the day so he could tell the children back at his school something about travelling in Shetland.
playing on the road mat walking up through the trees

At the teddy bears picnic area in the bird hide

at the water gardenadmiring the view of Aith

finding frogs spawn and tadpoles in the pondbeing pirates

Stripe at Michaels WoodStripe on the peerie ferry


Monday 18th April: Today the weather was lovely so we decided it would be a good chance to walk to the old chapel at the head of the voe as part of our walks project. We passed the new public toilet that the community are building at the marina. We bet no-one has a toilet that looks as good as ours!

new public toilets
Friday 15th April: This morning we talked about weaving and basket making and the materials people use. We tried some weaving of our own. In the afternoon we walked the 2nd part of one of the walks we are planning for the Tall Ships Walks Leaflet. When we got back we tried the peanut butter that the Bulldog Readers sent for us. At the end of the day we had a visit from Andy Ross, John Morris and Mrs Martin (our music teacher); they came to do some singing and drama with us.
peanut butter peanut butter
Thursday 14th April: Stripe had a good time at Mia and Bradley's last night.
He had a good chat with their rabbits.
meeting the rabbits
Today Stripe has been getting a chance to see some of the things we do at school. This afternoon he came with us to the Leisure Centre to see what we do there. He even tried swimming!
writing letters writing letters
Wednesday 13th April: Stripe had a very enjoyable evening at Honor's house and brought back some photos to share.
meeting the family bedtime story time for bed
Tuesday 12th April: Today was the first day of the new term. We had lots of post waiting for us when we got back - we had 8 new postcards from all over the world and a large box! The box was a lovely surprise from some of our blogging buddies, the Bulldog Readers who live in the USA. They had decided to send us some gifts to help us learn a little about their part of America. There was a soccer bear, some peanut butter for us to try, some books to read and some American money for us to look at. They sent us a pencil and a Dr Seuss bookmark each as well!
the box whats in the box? watching the openingin the box

the bearbook

We thought we had had a really good morning for post and then in the afternoon, John our postie brought us another box!
This time it was a visitor we had been expecting - he is called Stripe and he has come from Hampshire to stay with for a while so he can help the children at St John's School learn some more about living in Shetland. He had brought his own book and passport with him. We are going to show him around Burravoe and take it it turns to take him home so that he can see where we live.
opening the parcel finding Stripe
Sunday 10th April: Whilst we have been on holiday Magnie has been having a great time in Dunedin with the Superscoopers! He's made lots of friends while he has been there!

Rohe and Magnie at St Clair

Out and about in Dunedin

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