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Burravoe Primary School serves the south end of the island from West Yell to Gossabrough.


Yell is the second largest of the Shetland Islands.

Yell has a population of about 800. There are 3 schools and a nursery. There is another primary school in Cullivoe in the north of Yell. When children from Burravoe reach S1 they go to the JHS in Mid Yell.

There is a Leisure Centre with a pool, a Health Centre, a Carehome and every community has a Hall.
The island is a haven for wildlife, particularly birds. In the summer it is home to many wading birds including; whaaps (curlew), shalders (oystercatchers), plivvers (plovers) and ebbsleepers (dunlin). On the cliffs there are breeding colonies of tammie nories (puffins), weegs (kittiwakes), tirricks (arctic terns), tysties (guillemots), sea craa (razorbills) and skarfs (cormorants). Otters can be sighted as can, occasionally, whales, porpoises (neesicks) and dolphins.
These photos of otters were taken in Burravoe by Ian Towriess
otter asleep on rocks otter with young
Ian Towriess also took this beautiful photo of a tystie.

tystie on rock

view of Yell Sound ferryYell is reached by a 20 minute ferry trip from Mainland Shetland.
Burravoe is about an hours journey from Lerwick, Shetland's main town.
If you would like to know more about Burravoe and Yell, Undiscovered Scotland has an interesting page about us, please click here or click here to see visitShetland's page about Yell.



Yell is one of the North Isles. There are schools on 2 of the other North Isles; Fetlar Primary School on Fetlar and Baltasound JHS on Unst.


We have a battery recycling box at the school so, if you live in Burravoe, please bring along any spent batteries.



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